Here are the more conventional steps to fixing your 3G data issues:

  1. Pull out your battery, give your phone a minute, put it back in and restart the phone.
  2. Run your Activate app, or dial ##873283# and click Activate.
  3. Check for Sprint outages in your area.
  4. Call Virgin Mobile. If there is a network outage, there should be a notice on the automated system.


If all else fails, as it likely will, you will need to call Virgin Mobile to get your service reprovisioned. (In layman's terms this means "reset" but that word should not be used.)

  • CS people will often ask you to repeat troubleshooting steps you have already performed. Tell them this, follow along if absolutely necessary, but do not let the conversation end there.
  • After the troubleshooting is complete, ask them to "reprovision the data service" Reprovisioning your phone. Do not use the word "reset" because this is usually taken to mean you want to start a new month of service.
  • Reps may be adamant they need to simply pass the matter along to their higher-ups instead of running a reprovision. Bull.
  • Reprovisioning a phone can occur in as little as five minutes, but often reps will try to put the process off for days.GreenZoner egypt